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Mind Your Own Business!

Paperwork by Manuela Hoffman (creative commons)

Paperwork by Manuela Hoffman (cc) Attribution

Next Open Coffee Sligo:

Thurs, 4th March, 11-1pm

at The Clarion

There were lots of great ideas and themes that came out of the first February Open Coffee and we should have no shortage of practical events and inspiring speakers throughout the year. It seemed only fitting that we get everyone participating in the March Open Coffee (on the 4th) by bringing in practical examples of how you get work done, manage your projects, manage to get paid and any other practical tips you use to just make it happen.

So, be prepared to share everything from invoices, sample contracts, creative briefs, useful links to online tools. You choose. If everyone brings at least one example, you’ll be guaranteed to leave with a half-dozen practical tips on how to mind your own business. Be prepared to ask and answer the question, “How do you do … ?”

Hope to see you there!

Monthly Book Club

simplicityI’d like to propose a Book of the Month that we could all read and set aside some time at each Open Coffee to discuss. This is partly selfish to encourage me to read more, but the reality is we all need exposure to new ideas, approaches and thinking.

Johnny Beirne had suggested a few books when he spoke at the first coffee. I did as well. The floor is open to suggestions.

Bonus: I spoke with Keohanes Bookshop and they have nicely extended 10% off any of the books we choose for an order of 10 or more copies. Good stuff. Always nice to support a fine local business in the process.

What do you think of the idea? What would you like to read and discuss as a group?